What Do Teen Shows and Talk Shows Have In Common?

The both utterly suck. It’s hard to say which one I dislike more, so I’ll just start off by discussing talk shows. They are as their name implies, shows where people talk. Most of the time it’s some “unfortunate” person coming to talk about their retarded kids or some “horrific” thing that happened to them, followed by the talk show host feigning some empathy for their pathetic situation. Half the time the situation isn’t even real, and even when it is, I don’t particularly care. What I don’t get is why do people care about other peoples’ sad problems. If you have a good life that doesn’t mean you have to compensate by listening to other people’s problems. Maybe I’m just an apathetic asshole. Oh so your husband cheated on you with the maid? Should’ve been better in bed. Your kid was born retarded? Should’ve gotten an abortion. You’re fat? I don’t care. Why go on TV to talk about these things? Moral of the story: The people on those shows should *keep that shit to themselves* and the viewers should *mind their own fucking business*.

Now teen shows are just as bad. You have shows like Degrassi, which glamorize drugs, pregnancy, and cheating to an almost _desirable_ level. When every episode has the same shit going on, how does it get stretched for so many fucking seasons? I find it hard to believe people actually watch this garbage and want more. Why do I need to watch a TV shows when I can see the same problems in my school? I swear, people find entertainment in the dumbest forms. The more commercials and hype I see for Degrassi, the lower my opinion of humanity becomes.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of ranting lately, haven’t I? Oh well, it’s my personal blog, so I can bitch all I want.

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  • http://slantedmindz.com Alec

    I agree on both, and I also dig the new colors. Good Job.

  • http://mikeletscher.com Relish

    Im gonna laugh when your child is born mentally retarded.