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Done With TV


I haven’t watched TV in a while now, and it’s made me realize that I don’t need it at all. Almost all of the stuff on TV is complete and utter garbage. Even the decent shows aren’t worth wasting my time watching them. From this day forth, I’m not going to ever watch anything on TV. I won’t miss a thing, that’s for sure.

Dear Lotion Users,

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Stop abusing the fucking hand lotion. We’ve survived for thousands of years without it, no need to start now. I just want to be able to go somewhere without all the surfaces being covered in it, without the nasty cocoa butter smell. Is there really a need to use lotion on your oh-so-precious hands *every fucking five minutes?*

Digital Media FTW


Now that we’re safely in the digital age, some people still choose to cling to physical media, such as books, CD’s, cassettes, and vinyls. To hell with that. There’s no point in clinging to the past.

I honestly don’t see the appeal in cassettes or vinyls, with mp3’s so widely available, and for free. Can’t exactly pirate a vinyl, now can you? Does it make you feel special to have an outdated piece of trash sitting on your bookshelf? Keeping all this old stuff is akin to keeping an old pizza because you loved how it tasted a couple years ago.

Now with the arrival of the iPad and Kindle, some people are worried about what may happen to physical books. Well they can disappear for all I care. So what if paper’s been around for thousands of years? I know I won’t miss it at all. *Out with the old, in with the new.*

Do note that this post is coming from the biased viewpoint of a modern, new-up-to-the-minute dude.

Free Speech At School? Yeah Right


On Friday I woke up in the morning and remembered that it was the Day Of Silence at my school. It’s basically a fruity little event where people put on ribbons/cards and don’t speak for the entire school day, as a way of _supporting_ gay rights. Like shutting up for a whole fucking eight hours is going to accomplish anything. So there I am, laying in my bed thinking about how I can be an asshole on that day, because I’m opposed to the whole gay rights issue… Continue reading

Thoughts On Overachievers


They’re those people that strive to do way more than they’re supposed to do, for example, in school. They take loads of AP classes and Honors classes, and spend countless hours making all of their papers and essays _perfect_. I’m not saying we don’t need people like that in the world, but in high school it’s not all that good to be that perfection-driven…
Continue reading

What Do Teen Shows and Talk Shows Have In Common?


The both utterly suck. It’s hard to say which one I dislike more, so I’ll just start off by discussing talk shows. They are as their name implies, shows where people talk. Most of the time it’s some “unfortunate” person coming to talk about their retarded kids or some “horrific” thing that happened to them, followed by the talk show host feigning some empathy for their pathetic situation. Half the time the situation isn’t even real, and even when it is, I don’t particularly care. Continue reading

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