The Beatles? Yeah, They Suck

Marking my return to blogging with pure flamebait… brilliant idea, eh? Anyways, The Beatles suck. They’re nothing musically amazing, and they’re way overrated. Their millions of fans raise them to an almost god-like level, when they don’t really deserve it. Now before somebody starts shouting “but they were innovative/brilliant/the first,” I’ll admit that yes, they were influential in both the formation of the look and sound of rock. However cavemen clapping their hands is what started all music in general, yet nobody really goes crazy over that.

Just because they were the first doesn’t mean they were that good. I’ve listened to some of their music over the years and I can honestly say there is absolutely *nothing* special or memorable about it. Their songs are boring, dragged out, and sometimes repetitive. They weren’t anything technically amazing either… give any heavy drug abuser a guitar and some time and he’ll make a song too. What I don’t get is how do people even honestly like them? And that’s where my next point begins.

The Beatles have been inflated to such a level and have so many fans that everybody claims to like them just to be accepted. Nobody dares to speak out against the holy Beatles lest they be angrily glared at. Moving in a more general direction, people do this with a lot of older bands. They pretend to like an old band just because “everybody likes them,” rather than if they actually like them. I can say that I used to be guilty of this, too. However now I always say exactly what I think of a band. “Zeppelin? Lame.” “Nirvana? Blah.” “Beatles? Suck.” Sure a lot of people hate me for this, but I’d rather be hated for my real opinions rather than loved for my fake views.

Call me close-minded, call me a poser, call me a scene kid, but you can’t call me fake. I am who I am, and I like what I like, and if you don’t agree you can either *accept it or fuck off*.

I’m aware that this is awfully close to April 1st, but this post is on a completely serious note.

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  • Relish

    Music is all about opinions, Dan. You can like your metal and hate on other genres of music, but while you may think the beatles are boring and nothing special, others may think metal is a bunch of drunk people hitting guitars. Or plain noise.

    Very opinionated post.

  • Dan

    Meh I have every right to be opinionated. After all, this *is* a personal blog.