How To Respond To Hatemail

If you run a blog or website on any topic, there’s a good chance you may have gotten hatemail at one point or another. Most of the time it’s poorly phrased, with the spelling and grammar of a ten year-old. Even though you may be extremely offended or angry, follow these helpful tips below when responding to hatemail.

* Use proper English and grammar. This goes a long way in making your response seem more mature and professional.
* Don’t curse or badmouth the sender; you don’t need to stoop to their level.
* Calmly debate whatever the sender dislikes so much, and don’t lose your cool.

These work well for the hatemail that is semi-intelligent. For hatemail that looks like:

Fuck you, you moronic pig-ballsack.

Just reply politely and say something like:

Thank you for your feedback, now talk to me when you can form a sentence without using swear words.

I’m writing this from a prior experience, and the above quote was taken from an actual hatemail. I replied politely and the sender then apologized for his actions. It’s much like in real life— a little bit of courtesy will get you a long way.

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  • Tausif

    Moronic pig-ballsack. That’s a new one, haha.

  • Paul D’Amora

    I always just send them pictures of goatse. Works about the same.

  • Benny

    All I can say is.. LOL.

  • Benje

    I just ignore them. Anybody who wastes their time sending hate mail to me doesn’t deserve my time.

  • Jon

    Hey, that’s my hate mail :)

  • Jon

    Oh however there was more to it, and I don’t remember you sending that reply.