Monthly Archives: January 2010

Google Tells All


Google's Word

I was feeling bored so I was typing in “Obama is a moron,” but before I was able to finish, these helpful suggestions popped up. Just goes to show, if you want to see how people really think, just Google it!

Thoughts On The iPad


Apple iPad

Apple finally announced the iPad today which is great and all, but the best thing about it is the end of all those rumors that have been littering my RSS subscriptions. After looking around the blogs that were lucky enough to get a hands-on, here are my thoughts on the iPad.
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How To Respond To Hatemail


If you run a blog or website on any topic, there’s a good chance you may have gotten hatemail at one point or another. Most of the time it’s poorly phrased, with the spelling and grammar of a ten year-old. Even though you may be extremely offended or angry, follow these helpful tips below when responding to hatemail.
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Hacking, Really?


Over the past few years I’ve seen/heard people throw the word “hacking” around everywhere, even in situations where it’s not even appropriate. A lot of people do it to feel better about their technological skill- “Oh my account got hacked” vs. “I put a weak password and somebody guessed it.”
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Tumblr Is NOT A Blog


I”m pretty sure all of you guys have heard people referring to their Tumblogs as “blogs.” Everybody and their preteen brother has one nowadays. For those of you who don’t know what a Tumblog is, it’s a social networking tool of sorts, where the user posts links, images, IM conversations, music, quotes, etc. Most of this is done in less than a minute, and without any commentary. Blog is a short name for a Web Log, which is like a journal or diary, but on the web— usually publicly accessible. A blog usually has well-thought out entries and articles, whereas a Tumblog is just a dump of all the stuff you find interesting. I’m not against Tumblr or any of those sites, I actually use a similar system here, but not as often. I’m just sick and tired of people referring to their Tumblogs as legitimate blogs, even when the former takes little or no time to maintain as opposed to a real blog. Next time some teen says “Well I posted this song/quote/picture in my blog..,” make sure to correct them.

New Year, New Layout


It’s officially 2010, and the New Year also marks a new design for DZine-Studios. This the 9th iteration, and it’s quite different from most of my previous layouts. The useless (but still cool) sliding effects are mostly gone, replaced by more useful things such as a live-search and a live archives browser. Try them out and see for yourself.

I incorporated a boatload of CSS3 into this design, as promised. The green is gone as well. I feel this design marks a step in a different direction. The previous three or four themes were just evolutions of each other, but this one was a total rewrite from the ground up. It’s still not perfect, and if you guys find any bugs, let me know in the comments.

Anyways, Happy New Year everybody! Enjoy the design— I’m off to slave over my portfolio…