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Magic Mouse Momentum Mend


Apple’s new Magic Mouse is quite an amazing piece of technology, with a very nice iPhone-esque scrolling feature. The trouble is that if your Mac doesn’t run Snow Leopard, momentum scrolling isn’t supported. This is a problem for those of us who do not want to upgrade just yet, or worse, for those who *can’t* upgrade due to no PowerPC support in Snow Leopard. Fear not, there is a solution! If you can follow instructions and are moderately tech-savvy, you can enable this useful feature. Read on to find out how.
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Offensive? No, You’re Just A Dumbass


A forewarning, this post may be offensive to some groups of people. Haha, I just contradicted the title, how ironic. This post’s about how easily people get offended nowadays, and how political correctness is bullshit.
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DSC_4544, originally uploaded by daniel.zabolotny.

Flickr apparently has this neat feature which lets me blog directly from it. I figure it’s going to be pretty useful for posting some artworks on my blog.

Change… Not!


Now who do we most associate change with? If you answered Obama, give yourself a cookie, because he’s the one I’ll be ripping on in this post. Continue reading only if you don’t mind a little Obama-bashing.
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I’m finally 17 today. Know what that means? It’s my birthday. Can’t believe how old I’m getting. I swear it’s like just yesterday I was a short 14 year-old kid with a crappy freewebs site. Now I’m a taller 17 year-old kid with a slightly less crappy site :P

Guitar, Anybody?


I made a fully-detailed guitar in Photoshop class at school. No, I didn’t use a tablet. It was all done with an Apple mouse, using the pen tool, on a Power Mac G5. I based it off Schecter’s C-1 line of guitars, but it’s not pixel-accurate because I didn’t trace it. See it after the jump.
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