Monthly Archives: December 2009

Merry Christmas, Everybody!


it’s a bit late to be saying Merry Christmas (there’s an hour and a half left of it), but better late than never. So yeah, Merry Christmas to you all, whether you celebrate it or not.

I got a pretty good haul this year: a Lowepro camera/laptop backpack, a set of Microns and Rapidographs, and a new flatiron (don’t ask).


24 ways: Make Your Mockup in Markup

They wrote about this *now*? I’ve been doing this for years. In fact, I’ve never had the patience (or the masochism) to use Photoshop for a full mockup. All my designs go straight from my Moleskine to Coda.

DZine-Studios, Now Polluting The Internet For 2 Years!


Yep, it’s been exactly two years since I’ve made that noobish test post in 2007. The design’s come a long way in my opinion, from icky overdone gradients and tables to clean code and a slightly less icky design. Oh, and Christmas is only a day away. That’s when I’ll be launching DZine-Studios 9.0, which is a completely reworked design. I’m coding it in HTML 5, with loads of good CSS3. The fact that IE doesn’t like either of the two won’t stop me- it certainly didn’t stop designers from using CSS2.1 back when it was still super-new. Let’s take a look at what the next year will bring to this oft-neglected blog of mine:

* More ranting. Nothing is safe from my keyboard.
* More geekery and Apple worship.
* More pointless “I’m sorry for not posting for _____ months” posts.

Remember how I said I was going to try to keep a posting schedule? Well that only lasted for a week or so, which is why I’m changing the schedule to a “I’ll post when I feel like it” schedule. This place will remain ad-free, as I don’t like having annoying banner ads cluttering up my design. That is, unless a fine network like Fusion Ads or The Deck offers me membership *cough*.

So here’s to another year of pointless drivel!