Snow Leopard

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Yesterday I was at the Apple Store in Chelsea and I saw the Snow Leopard box on the shelf. _”It’s been long enough,”_ I thought to myself as I picked it up. Fast-forward a couple hours, and I’ve already gotten it running on my MacBook Pro. The installation was a piece of cake, and since I waited a while, most of the initial bugs have been smoothed out by 10.6.2. I reclaimed a sizable portion of my HDD and my computer’s been running a bit quicker. The dashboard is actually usable now, whereas before it would lag and take a while to load. Overall, I’m happy with the upgrade— it was thirty dollars well spent.

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  • Benje

    What’s the difference? lol

  • Dan

    It’s faster and there are some new features. Plus it saved me about 6gb from my hard drive. Have you ever seen a newer version of Windows take _*less*_ space than a previous version?

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  • Alec

    windows 98 —-> windows XP Light build. But I was playing on a mac the other day and it was a nice machine and a pleasure to work with. If they mac people would not be so cult like, give me my damn double click mouse, and give more CPU power/hard drive space for the buck then I’d be sold.

  • Dan

    Not all Mac users are cult-like. It’s just some of them— being a Mac user doesn’t mean you have to be a smug ass, contrary to what most people think.

    Every Apple mouse has the ability to have a right-click, only the laptops have one button (and recently no buttons at all), but the multitouch trackpad takes care of that problem.

    The current iMacs and MacBook Pros give rather good performance for the buck. Just buy the machines with the minimal specs and upgrade it with cheaper parts from third-party companies. What you’re saying is that you want a BMW to cost like a Toyota— it’s just not possible. For good design and performance there is a premium to pay.

  • Alec

    You can get a BMW to cost like a Toyota with windows by building a bare-bones machine. Apple is more closed minded towards third party interference.

  • Dan

    True, but there’s always the OSx86 project, so that you can run Mac OS X on any decent Intel-based machine. You can get a bare-bones machine with a Mac as well. Just configure everything to be as low as possible, and then upgrade it all. For example, my dad bought his 27″ iMac for about $1600, and then I got another 4gb of RAM for only $100, and a 2tb external hard drive for about $200.

  • Benje

    I see, well I’ve always been a windows man. xD

  • Alec

    I say can them both and switch to Ubuntu or Backtrack. It’s the best of both worlds. I keep an bootable live install of Damn Small Linux on my 2gb flash stick so that when ever I’m on the go and get pissed at someones windows/mac machine i have good ol’ reliable Linux to work through their mess of a computer.

  • Kris

    I’ve always thought Macs have looked nicer than Windows, but I figure I’m too used to Windows, a switch to Mac might throw me off for a bit or frustrate me. That, and it’s quite expensive to get a legit computer running a Mac OS (especially for me, since I am still a few months shy of being able to apply for a REAL job).
    Impressive to read that it actually took space off of your hard drive. The upgrade to 7 did that for me, as well, only I’m quite sure that it was only because I had a bunch of unused programs.

  • Benje

    Also, I disapprove of your quick design editing skills.

    Teach me. >:C

  • Skype

    Long time no speak

    Lol, $30 is a significant difference between w7. w7 only takes up 10GB, I was amazing when I did a clean install. Especially considering vista takes up a hefty 20GB.

    Plus w7 takes up more depending on how much RAM you have for the pagefiles. With 1GB ram it only takes 7.

    Also, I may be a little late on the pick up but I am loving this new theme. Good job Dan.