2012: A Review

I recently saw 2012, and it was a rather good movie, in my opinion. Warning: there may be some spoilers in the following review.

The acting was good and the computer graphics were breathtaking; best of all, it didn’t have the gaping plot holes that movies like _The Day After Tomorrow_ had. The only complaint I have about the movie is that like most disaster movies, it’s a bit predictable. Every time the protagonists would get into a vehicle, they’d narrowly escape death in a similar way, just in the nick of time. Everything in this movie happened just in time, not to mention that the driving and piloting was far from realistic; seriously, who’d drive through a collapsing building or under a falling freeway? The story was fairly straightforward, but it only started to make sense at around the halfway point. About half of the main characters survived, with the other half dying in heroic, manly deaths.

The graphics were incredible, if not a little excessive. The cause of the disaster seems a lot more believable than other movies, which rely on global warming, aliens, etc. However I feel this movie had a bit too many deep emotional moments, and that just made it drag on for even longer, making this two-and-a-half hour movie feel longer than it actually was. The writers of this movie tried to inject a little bit of humor into the dialogue, but it ended up feeling forced and detracted from the whole “end of the world” mood. The ending is your typical sappy ending, with happy couples and a bright future…

All in all, 2012 was a fairly enjoyable movie, and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes disaster movies such as _Independence Day_, _The Day After Tomorrow_, and _Knowing_. Out of 10, this movie earns a solid 7.

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  • http://benje.epyks.net Benje

    I agree with you, that everything happened just in time.
    I mean, what the fuck, what pilot would ever fly between two collapsing buildings?

  • Tom

    You guys don’t understand. Mr. Kirby from Jurrasic Park 3 was in the movie so he was paying them incase there were dinosaurs in the collapsing buildings.

  • http://kr1s.net Kris

    Thanks for the heads up, Tom! I’ll take note of that when I don’t go see this movie!
    I loved The Day After Tomorrow…when I was 10 (5 years ago, so yes, I was actually 10). But I saw it again not too long ago, and honestly, I wasn’t entertained. I can only imagine 2012 being similar to it in many ways, only this time there is more of a reason as to why the world is coming to an end.
    Nice review, Dan :)