Magic Mouse Momentum Mend

Apple’s new Magic Mouse is quite an amazing piece of technology, with a very nice iPhone-esque scrolling feature. The trouble is that if your Mac doesn’t run Snow Leopard, momentum scrolling isn’t supported. This is a problem for those of us who do not want to upgrade just yet, or worse, for those who *can’t* upgrade due to no PowerPC support in Snow Leopard. Fear not, there is a solution! If you can follow instructions and are moderately tech-savvy, you can enable this useful feature. Read on to find out how.

1. Download the freeware utility Pref Setter.

2. Launch it and type “mouse” into the field labeled “Search Domains” and hit return.

Picture 146

3. “” should appear. Double-click it, and a new window should pop up.

Picture 145

4. In the new window, click the Actions button and select “Add New Key.”

5. In the newly created key, change the name to “MouseMomentumScroll” Change the class to a Boolean, and give it a value of true.

6. Quit Pref Setter and restart your Mac.

7. That’s it! If everything worked out fine, you should now be able to use that wonderful momentum scrolling.

Several others have tried this method (in addition to myself) with Leopard on both Intel and PowerPC based systems with success. However since this method involves editing system files, I’m going to have to include a disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage you may cause by following this method.

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  • Benje

    Nice tutorial, but I have no need for this, as I don’t even have a Mac.

  • Macilias

    GREAT THANKS!!! since my MBP get broken i have to work with a G5 again, and really missed this feature of my magic mouse. I searched the net a lot for a solving of this problem, and you are the only one that givs a great soulution!!!

  • twoto

    Great, works perfect – THANK YOU very much!!!