Offensive? No, You’re Just A Dumbass

A forewarning, this post may be offensive to some groups of people. Haha, I just contradicted the title, how ironic. This post’s about how easily people get offended nowadays, and how political correctness is bullshit.

h4. Nobody Can Take A Fucking Joke Anymore

There, I said it. That basically sums up half of this post. Make a racial/discriminatory/sexist/off-color joke, and you will either get some laughs or a cold stare. Everybody takes things to close to heart these days. Learn to laugh at yourselves, and lighten up. I hate it how if you make a couple of jokes people instantly slap labels on you. Made several racial jokes? *Racist!* Made sexist jokes? *Sexist!* Made jokes about something messed-up (abortion jokes come to mind)? *Insensitive bastard!*

They’re jokes, people. Few actually mean what they say- most are just looking to get some laughs. And come on, offensive jokes are the funniest! Don’t criticize me for trying to entertain you, just walk away. If I wanted to hear your opinions, I’d ask.

*Moral of this story?* If you don’t like a joke, don’t start shouting out your opinions. Just walk away- I can respect that.

h4. Political Correctness

The second issue on this flamebait rant is political correctness, or PC as I will be referring to it. PC essentially means saying things in a way as to not offend anyone. Instead of saying fireman, you’d say fireperson, instead of businessman, you’d say businessperson, and so on. *It’s socially-enforced mind control.* I honestly don’t see the point of being PC. We were “incorrect” for thousands of years, and it was alright.

One particular part of this that annoys me is having to say “African American” instead of just black. Firstly, it takes way too fucking long to write that out. Secondly, not every black person is from Africa, so saying African American is incorrect as well. It’s been black for ages, and I see no reason to change that.

Seriously people, stop wasting time trying to enforce “correctness” and go help solve a real issue, like hunger or poverty.

That concludes my angry rant. I just remembered that this *is* a personal blog, so I’m not going to censor myself any longer. I don’t swear that much anyway- only when I need to make a point. What are your thoughts on this issue? Feel free to comment and send me hatemail.

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  • Jouk

    I get called insensitive and racist a lot because I don’t give a damn about race. You live in America, you’re American. I’m not insulting your heritage.

    If the world would lighten up, peace would come. Or the closest thing to it.

  • Nick

    I’ve never understood the whole “African American” thing either. Do black people not like being described as a black now? And as you’ve stated, it’s been “black” for ages. Where I live (UK) we don’t call black people African English/Anglican/European or any of that crap.
    I think American now is so multiculturally/ethnically diverse now that if you say a joke someone is always there to point a finger at you.

  • Dan

    @Tim: I agree. People want equality, and equality means no special treatment, on the basis of race. Since whites are called whites, blacks should be called blacks, and then it’ll all be equal. And yeah, most conflicts are based on the inability to just chill. Prime example- the Arabs and Jews in the middle-east.

    @Nick: See, the UK has the right idea! All the ethnicities have to just relax and learn to take a joke.

  • Tim

    To be fair, that was the Christians fault, in the Middle East. Completely. It’s kind of hard to “borrow” land from a well situated culture and people and use it for another culture and people.

    Does Europe cares less about calling people their ethnicity because of all the countries and cultures there, Nick?

  • Dan

    @Tim: I honestly don’t see why that land is so important to everybody… Religion makes people fanatic and delusional. Like fighting over a tiny piece of land because some fictional character from a book supposedly lived there.

  • Tausif

    I’ve told and heard so many terrorist jokes, being Islamic I should be offended, but what’s the point? It causes absolutely no harm at all.

  • Tim

    Well, Dan, would you like to be told that half the people in California will now be taking your area of NY completely from you; go find a new home?

  • Nick

    @Tim: I can’t really tell you Tim, I am European I suppose, but I don’t know if the rest of Europe calls it’s people by colloquial terms like “Eastern European”,”African”, “Asian”, etc. Over in the UK we use those pretty basic terms because it’s easy to identify a person. However, in my previous comment I was more making the point that we don’t call black people African-English to describe someone. We use either Black, English, African, West Indian or of any other particular descent. It’s a tricky one to explain really. Hope that answers your question though.

  • Benny

    I completely agree with your thoughts. But I must say, I’m always offended when I hear these American bastards joke about my religion, or even say anything about it – because I always feel it’s wrong. But yes, I have a good friend that I joked quite a bit with, and he got pretty offended and we got into a little fight. I learned my lesson though. You must be careful what you say.