Change… Not!

Now who do we most associate change with? If you answered Obama, give yourself a cookie, because he’s the one I’ll be ripping on in this post. Continue reading only if you don’t mind a little Obama-bashing.

Obama’s president, whoop-dee-doo. Now what?


So he managed to become the first black president, good for him. But has he done anything he promised to do? Nope. Healthcare remains unchanged (although I hope he doesn’t change it, I don’t like the idea of universal healthcare), the situation in Afghanistan is worse, and the economy is still sucking big time.

To add insult to injury, Obama recently received the Nobel Peace Prize… for doing nothing at all. The US is fighting *two* wars and they give him a _*peace*_ prize. Makes one wonder how much money he gave the judges.

Oh yeah, and he tried to have the 2016 Olympics in Chicago. That’s nice, but isn’t “unemployment at 9.8%”: right now? I think the Olympics are the least of our worries.

George Bush was no better, but at least everybody could openly criticize him. Now if you’re white and you criticize Obama, the race card always gets played. Example:

bq. Me: ‘Man, Obama is a terrible president…’
Nearest minority: ‘_*Racist!*_’

And just in case you’re wondering, I’m not affiliated with either party. Neither has done anything good for the country.

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  • Jouk

    You’re right, nothing’s changed much. And when did he get the peace prize? I haven’t read or listened to the news in… months?

  • Rimer Thompson

    Where did you get that Obama bribed the judges? It sounds like you’re bashing someone for the sake of bashing someone. If not Obama then you’d pick someone else. Also i just thought I’d let you know you left out a word in your intro “because he’s the only I’ll be ripping on in this post” Just thought you’d like to know.

  • Dan

    @Rimer: Alright I fixed the typo. Thanks for the tip.

    Now I’m not bashing Obama for the sake of it. It’s just that I see people hailing him as a god of sorts, and it angers me. And about bribing the judges, how else would he get a peace prize while his country is fighting wars overseas. He’s done nothing to further peace.

  • Kris

    9.8% unemployment in Chicago? That sucks, in my town it’s only 5.5%

    And I don’t see what the big deal is over him getting a Peace Prize. So what if he hasn’t done anything, it’s not like him receiving it affects you in any way besides mentally. I don’t think he deserved it, either, but I’m not going to make a deal of it. Simply because it hasn’t even been a complete year yet, and because he has a little over 3 more to go, I’m just going to give him the chance to prove himself.

    Also, you’re definitely right about how criticizing Obama turns into a racial issue. But in my town (full of hicks), I give someone a chance to prove they know something about politics and how things have gone before I label them racist. Unfortunately none of them ever know what they’re talking about, they just hate that he’s a black man.

    On an unrelated note: Do you use WordPress for your blog?
    And God Dang, this is a long comment.

  • Kris

    Scratch that last comment I made, I just read your ‘about’ section. I’m also trying to design a layout I made for WordPress…well right now I’m only making a practice layout.