Guitar, Anybody?

I made a fully-detailed guitar in Photoshop class at school. No, I didn’t use a tablet. It was all done with an Apple mouse, using the pen tool, on a Power Mac G5. I based it off Schecter’s C-1 line of guitars, but it’s not pixel-accurate because I didn’t trace it. See it after the jump.


On a sidenote, I’d like to say that I discovered the use of the pen tool about a week before I made this.

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  • Danny

    This shits hot. :3

  • Alec

    Yea that’s amazing!

  • Benje

    It looks rather ‘flat’, but that’s expected if you just started pentooling not too long ago.

    Great for a beginner!

  • Alec

    wait…Benje, Benje??

  • Jouk

    Benje’s back.

    Anything anybody makes with only a mouse amazes me, and this is the best I’ve seen yet when people admit that.

  • Tausif

    Like Benje said, it looks flat, but I love the effects and the tone of the image. Great work!