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SitePoint Giveaway

I know several of my readers are aspiring freelancers, and SitePoint is giving away free copies of “The Principles Of Successful Freelancing.” Just enter your email on the linked site, and you’ll get a download link emailed to you. I’m not advertising, nor am I being paid to do so- I just think it’s a great deal. Come on, it’s *free!*

How To Make A Good Website


All those web designers out there, with their fancy coding skills, nobody knows how to make a proper website anymore. In this wonderful article, I’ll show you how. So open up Frontpage and let’s get started!
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How to Keep WordPress Secure

A WordPress worm is making its rounds on the internet, and it can affect all versions but the latest ones (2.8.4 and 2.8.3). So if you’ve been waiting to upgrade, now is the time.

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