(Re)Introducing Z-Up


After several weeks of planning, failed designs, and frustrations, I finally finished redesigning Z-Up. It has a slick new design, as well as some performance improvements…

* The design is a lot easier on the eyes.
* Nothing gets in the way of uploading. I’ve cut all the extra pages out, as they were of no use.
* No ads! The previous version had ads, but they weren’t earning anything. Google Ads barely get any clicks. If you’re going to put ads on your site, go with a quality provider like The Deck or Fusion ads.
* Bulletproof design. Zoom the text up as much as you like- all the buttons will look just as nice.
* Meticulously designed favicon. I actually made it from scratch, pixel-by-pixel, instead of just lazily resizing the logo.
* Modern technology- the site uses CSS3 and <button>.

For comparison I have here the old design and the new design, respectively.

Picture 130

Picture 128

What are you waiting for? Go “check it out”:http://z-up.net !

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  • http://slantedmindz.com Alec

    Looks amazing! Really like it a lot. You should put a link or a button somewhere on dzine-studios to z-up

  • http://fynmark.org/home Jouk

    I saw the design early and really hoped you’d finish it. Great work.

  • http://benje.epyks.net Benje

    Wow, love the design.
    I’m gonna be using it from now on to host my files.

  • Temur

    Good job! Which font did you use for the logo?

  • http://dzine-studios.com Dan

    I used Museo. It’s available here, for free.

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