Remembering That Fateful Day

Eight years ago, one of the worst (if not *the* worst) tragedies happened. Terrorists crashed hijacked airplanes into the World Trade Center. Both buildings eventually came down, taking nearly 3000 innocent lives. We as Americans must never forget this horrible day, and honor the heroes who gave their lives to save the innocent.

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  • Temur

    On this one, I disagree with you. I understand that it was a “horrible” tragedy for Americans. However, it is the American people who allowed their politicians to do some nasty stuff in Middle East. When you compare the aftermath of 9/11 and the actions that were being taken by U.S. in Middle East [prior to 9/11], 9/11 is nothing. I am sorry. Instead of fighting those “terrorists”, America should fight its brainless politicians like McCain.

    “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

  • Dan

    While I agree that the US should keep their hands out of other countries, that still doesn’t justify the 9/11 attacks. I can’t do anything about the morons America elects because a) I’m not old enough to vote and b) I’m only one person, amongst a sea of people who will believe anything a politician will say (see: Obama’s campaign).

  • Temur

    What justifies the U.S. occupying countries in Middle East and elsewhere? or the American soldiers causing dispute on someone’s soil? or the aftermath of the Iraq War, in which 3,000,000 people died just because of one ignorant president of yours, who was chosen by the American people. I understand that it wasn’t your fault and you can’t even vote, but when people choose some fool as their leader, they are the legitimate target. Thus, they have no right to call someone a “terrorist” for answering to your country’s actions in its own language, which is violence. It is just stupid and makes no sense when people call someone a “terrorist” when he/she tries to defend his/her country or people. Dan, do a little research on what really happened and what did not happen (or what was not told by the mainstream media).

    This video is the best response for your comment:

  • Paul D’Amora

    One of the worst tragedies? No, maybe the worst well-known tragedy in America that took place in your lifetime. But as far as tragedies go, 911 was pretty low on the scale, and I wish people would just accept that.

  • Alec

    No matter what your opinion is on any of the events that took place, pre- or post-, You should still show respect like Dan said, to all those people who wish they could still be alive today, to argue their opinion on this matter. So even though it may not be “fair” like Temur said or it may not be “the worst” tragedy like VD said, It was still a tragedy that killed a huge number people. I don’t think people should tweak, if America wants to take one day out of the year to remember its loss, even if it wasn’t the “worst” or the most “fair”.

  • Alec

    Also on a side note i like the “Add Your Wisdom” button! :D

  • Jouk

    By the way, pretty sure it’s War in Iraq; the soldiers are only fighting anybody that seems like a terrorist.

  • Dan

    @Alec: very well said, indeed. That about sums it up.