iPod Event 2009 Thoughts


It’s nice to see Steve Jobs back, and Apple taking more jabs at Microsoft. Although in the mp3 market, they’re totally justified in doing so. Read on to see the highlights of (and my opinions on) the iPod event.


Apple making fun of the Dell Mini now. They’re comparing the iPod Touch to a netbook, which unlike the Dell, can fit into a pocket. This has been proven to be mostly true in my case. I can do almost anything on my iPod.


Apple’s really going far this time. They’re now claiming that their iPod Touch/iPhone are better than the Nintendo DSi and PSP. That’s heading into dangerous territory, if you ask me. Note how they used very unglamorous pictures of the gaming systems to prove their point.


Looks to be a pretty good FPS. Plus with the ability to play iPod music while playing the game means I can kill while listening to my favorite deathcore. Awesome.


As rumored, the iPod nano has a camera, to compete with the Flip cameras that have become popular lately. Now this I have to see for myself, so I’ll be going to the Apple store in a few days to get a little hands-on with it.

That’s all the interesting stuff for the event. Sadly, the iPod Touch didn’t get a camera, and only got a price drop. I bet it was because Apple wanted to lock people into the iPhone. I mean, if the iPod Touch had a camera, then the only thing separating the two would be the (shitty) phone service, which with the pervasiveness of wi-fi, wouldn’t be much of a selling point. Half of the presentation seemed to have been focused on the Genius feature, something I never use anyway. Oh and the iTunes store got redesigned. It’s about time, too- it was quite an eyesore.

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  • Temur

    I was waiting for that “touchscreen”, “10 inch”, “giant iPod Touch” and etc. Didn’t happen. Maybe they are preparing it for the upcoming Macworld. Actually, wait, are they working on one?

  • Temur

    BTW, nice buttons .

  • http://dzine-studios.com Dan

    Haha thanks for the nice buttons note.

    And yeah, the iPad or whatever they’re gonna call it is probably going to be shown at the Macworld, since it’s less of an iPod and more of a computer. Netbooks have been around for a while, and the tablet market has stagnated to a standstill, so now’s the perfect time for Apple to come in with some “revolutionary” tablet that will change the market. Before the iPhone, touchscreen phones were a geek thing, and they were too complex for most people, but now everybody’s going touchscreen.

  • http://rustycracker.org Tausif

    Oh that’s great, less than a year after the Nano Chromatic comes out and I get one, they improve it and I get the one without an awesome camera…