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Do We Really Need Sidebars?


Almost every blog out there has a sidebar of some sort. Most of the time it’s not really useful, and only distracts from the content. After all, aren’t blogs written to be read? After the jump I’ll explain why I believe sidebars are not needed in most cases.
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(Re)Introducing Z-Up



After several weeks of planning, failed designs, and frustrations, I finally finished redesigning Z-Up. It has a slick new design, as well as some performance improvements…
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Remembering That Fateful Day


Eight years ago, one of the worst (if not *the* worst) tragedies happened. Terrorists crashed hijacked airplanes into the World Trade Center. Both buildings eventually came down, taking nearly 3000 innocent lives. We as Americans must never forget this horrible day, and honor the heroes who gave their lives to save the innocent.

A Look At iTunes 9


Today at the iPod event, Apple announced, and subsequently released, iTunes 9. The major improvements are the iTunes store and the ability to rearrange apps through iTunes. There are also some slight cosmetic changes in iTunes 9. For comparison, I have screenshots of both iTunes 8 and 9.
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iPod Event 2009 Thoughts



It’s nice to see Steve Jobs back, and Apple taking more jabs at Microsoft. Although in the mp3 market, they’re totally justified in doing so. Read on to see the highlights of (and my opinions on) the iPod event.
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“Most people shouldn’t be running their own blogging software.”

John August

John hits it right on the head with this quote, in response to the recent WordPress worm attacks. If you’re serious about blogging, either take the time to update, or use a hosted service.

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