Egads, An Update!

I’m terrible, I know. I’ve missed a few updates, but I have my family vacation and the subsequent illness to blame for it. Speaking of the vacation, it was pretty cool. I went to Niagara Falls…

I only went for two days and one night, because my dad has a very busy work schedule and we couldn’t fit in any more days. The hotel I stayed in was pretty nice, the falls were amazing as I expected, and I took lots of pictures- 922 to be exact. All with my trusty Nikon D70s. I can’t even count how many times I drenched it in water and it still worked. I thought I was going to go nuts sorting through nearly a thousand files, but then I remembered about Aperture. It’s a great Apple app for organizing a lot of photos in very little time. I’m not getting paid to say that, either. I’m almost done sorting through them, and I’ll post the best ones to my flickr tomorrow.

h4. Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is nearly over me, and it’s been over for some of the readers in other states/countries. I only have 12 days left before I am forced back into that vile prison, along with all the slack-jawed imbeciles (it *is* a public school, after all). Thankfully, I’ll only have 5 classes, and I’ll probably be able to get out early. In review, my summer hasn’t been that bad at all. I played a lot of guitar, did quite a lot of blogging, and went on a vacation, as well as to several awesome shows in the city.

h4. Plans

I currently have two substantial articles planned for this blog- both will be released sometime next week. They won’t be tutorials on web design, but more like guidelines for how to not suck at it.

h4. Snow Leopard

Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS 10.6 is coming out tomorrow… err… today actually. I’m probably not going to upgrade immediately, as countless bugs and glitches are always found in newly-released systems. Rather, I’ll wait a couple of months, until it’s around 10.6.2, before upgrading. Besides, it’s not such a huge upgrade that I can’t live without it. It’s mostly small speed improvements and some streamlining, and I can live without that for now.

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  • Jouk

    Good luck on those posts.

  • Alec

    Been looking into buying a camera for so long now! But there so stinkin expensive!

  • Paul D’Amora

    According to Apple it’s not “small” speed improvements. Personally, I would upgrade ASAP and deal with the bugs. But I doubt there will be too many bugs in Snow Leopard, since it’s just basically Leopard, with a lot of performance updates. In other words, there aren’t too many new features… (well except 64-bit and all that)

  • Dan

    Eh it’s not like I’m going to be vulnerable if I don’t upgrade… Besides, I’m broke right now…

  • Mike

    Paying for Snow Leopard is stupid. A service pack that you have to pay for.

    Proof of this being that Leopard was $80~$100, whereas Snow Leopard is only $30.

    Windows service packs are.. Oh right, FREE.