The MPAA and RIAA (aka greedy bastards) have forced down “The Pirate Bay”:… for a few hours. After the 2006 raid, the chaps at TPB have been prepared, and have backup servers and regular data backups, so it won’t be too long until TPB is up again…

Apparently this is where all of our movie money is going; instead of making things better for us, the MPAA and RIAA are wasting it all to get one torrent website down. What’s amusing is that the feds think that by taking down one website they’ll stop all P2P-related piracy, even though there are hundreds, if not thousands of torrent tracker websites out there.

Even though there might be better torrent trackers out there, I’m sticking by these guys, because they represent one glimmer of freedom trying to stay alive in a sea of corporate bullshit.

Also, why are the RIAA and MPAA so against sharing? Now that we’re under the socialist regime of Honorable Chairman Obama, shouldn’t we be “spreading the wealth” anyway?

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  • Jouk

    lol. Spread the wealth, but shoot the virus-breeders.

  • Alec

    Dan you should read “Days of War, Nights of Love”….not really based on piracy or tech but its about how corporation is the devil, how were all mindlessly living, and other such. I don’t agree with half the stuff in it but its a fun and amusing read!

  • Dan

    @Alec: I’ll make sure to pick that up when I go to the library next week.
    Oh and The Pirate Bay is back up, long live piracy!

  • Jouk

    It’s all well to say that until you get a job at a major corporation, excluding the “don’t believe half of it” part. And the amusing part.

  • Jouk

    The hell you commented seconds before me? Lol you didn’t comment when I loaded the page.