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Expression Engine 2.0

The EE 2.0 technical preview looks pretty nice. The EE admin panel finally seems to be catching up to WordPress’ admin panel. Who knows, maybe one day EE will be as good as WordPress…

Egads, An Update!


I’m terrible, I know. I’ve missed a few updates, but I have my family vacation and the subsequent illness to blame for it. Speaking of the vacation, it was pretty cool. I went to Niagara Falls…
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The MPAA and RIAA (aka greedy bastards) have forced down “The Pirate Bay”:… for a few hours. After the 2006 raid, the chaps at TPB have been prepared, and have backup servers and regular data backups, so it won’t be too long until TPB is up again…
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Did I make a mistake in the title? No, because that’s exactly what my newest WordPress theme is called. Yes, ladies and gentlemen… I’ve finally gotten to actually making a WordPress theme. Read on to see a preview of it and read more about it.
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One Year Later…


This post is a followup review of sorts. I bought my iPod Touch (1st-gen) last year in August, and I’ve had it for about one year now. It still works perfectly and I love it more than ever. Read on to see my thoughts on it.
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Idiots In Space


CRASH! The ship shook violently after being mercilessly pounded by asteroids. I fought hard at the wheel to get back in control of the damaged ship, barely missing a small planet. Again, I swung the wheel to the left, in a fruitless attempt to avoid an incoming satellite. It was too late though, and the ship collided with the satellite.
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