Singing, Screaming, and Pop

I’ll start off this rant with a bold statement: Most modern pop music downright sucks. It’s all talentless garbage nowadays. Even some genres of metal and hardcore have fallen to the level of pop. Pop, or popular music, can hardly be considered real music.

The musical aspect of pop consists of either very simple instrumentals, or boring, repetitive computer-generated beats. The vocal aspect of pop also sucks. Most of the so-called “singers” in pop can’t sing for their lives, and are solely successful due to the hard work of a computer in the hands of a skilled producer. Even some bands in metal and hardcore have started utilizing auto-tune. Attack Attack! is an example of a hardcore band that uses so much of it that it makes me want to puke. Proper vocal technique has gone down the drain as well. Singing used to require proper breathing technique as well as use of the diaphragm, but now singers are using zero technique, and are just straining their vocal chords; which is why most pop singers burn out their voices after just a few years. Lack of technique can be quite easy to spot- if the singer is practically deep-throating the microphone, that’s a dead giveaway, as untrained singing is often much quieter and therefore requires the artist to be closer to the mic in order to be heard.

h4. Screaming

Branching off the singing topic is screaming. Some genres of metal, as well as hardcore punk, use it as either their sole method of vocalization, or as a supplement to singing. The use of screaming in music elicits more or less the following statement from most people: “Screaming takes no talent and is not music.” On the contrary, screaming actually takes much more effort than singing. Firstly, screaming requires much more air as well as proper breathing technique. Without that, one would not last for more than a few minutes. Ideally, screaming should be done with the false vocals, much like singing. And just like singers, screamers also have vocal ranges. Some can effortlessly shift from high to low, while others are confined to a more specific range. Screaming also takes practice, just like singing. Screaming as a form of vocalization is not at all like real screaming (ie: screaming in fear, screaming in a fight, etc.). Rather, it is a controlled, harsher form of singing.

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  • Mike

    I hate metal >.>

  • Dan

    Do you legitimately not like it, or are you among the millions who simply don’t understand it? I honestly don’t get how pop music which consists of a few simple chords can be more popular than complex metal songs, with frequent time changes, key changes, and technicality.

  • Alec

    Well I like the new look of the blog more then metal…

  • Alec

    I also like double posting more then metal……The archive and RSS feeds are brilliant! You may have to turn that into a tutorial.

  • Dan

    The new look was all possible with the magic of CSS. I didn’t have to touch a single line of HTML :)

    And the archive/feeds sliding is accomplished with Jquery and a special archives plugin. I even converted the archives from tables to definition lists.

  • Alec

    Excellent! Gives me motivation to get my crappy site(s) back up and running!