A Higher Place Reviewed

Born of Osiris’ second album, “A Higher Place” was released on July 7, 2009, to much anticipation from the fans, myself included. In summary, it’s a superb record, and a worthy succesor to “The New Reign.”

The record starts out with a soft keyboard track, titled Rebirth, which is somewhat reminiscent of the synths in the previous album. The second track is quick and violent, with a nice melody as well. The second track is pretty much more of the same goodness. After that comes Now Arise, which is one of the longer songs on the album. The keyboardist provides some solid backup vocals on the track as well. The following two tracks are good, but nothing exceptional. After those comes Exist, which I consider to be one of the best tracks on he album. It’s heavy as well as melodic, with a lot of technical riffing. The track ends with a fantastic palm-muted breakdown, which is one of the qualities Born of Osiris is known for. The track that comes afterwards is a very melodic one as well, with a catchy, almost chorus-like middle. It ends with a slow melodic section, leading into A Descent, which has a mellow intro, followed by punishing technicality. The title track is unexceptional, much like the title track in their previous release. An Ascent follows after, and is as melodic as A Descent. The last two tracks are good enough, but nothing special.

Compared to their earlier release, the guitars have greatly improved, and they take the lead this time, with the keyboard only providing atmospheric sound. The keyboardist provides more backing vocals in this release, and the bass is inaudible as usual. The drumming remains top-notch, and vocals have improved slightly, but they were pretty good in the last release as well. The vocalist has a somewhat limited vocal range, staying with the mid-range screams, but he uses them well, providing a solid performance throughout. Production is just as good, if not better, than that of the previous album’s.

h4. Summary

In conclusion, this record is a worthy succesor to The New Reign, but it does have some flaws. Some of the tracks on the record feel like filler, and the whole record is a bit short, due to the short song lengths. Out of 10, I’d say this record earns a solid 9. If you like metalcore, deathcore, or any combination of the two, this record is worth picking up. If you’re a Born of Osiris fan, then getting this record should be a no-brainer for you.

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