Mint: A Fresh Look at your Site

Just installed Mint, and it’s been bliss so far. The dashboard widgets and the iPhone app make it so much faster to check my stats than with Google Analytics. Plus, it looks a lot nicer than Analytics.

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  • H4ck3r

    What’s so cool about it? I mean, why would you pay extra $30 for something you can get free? (Analytics), or does it have special features?

    By the way, nice design. It’s minty, or grassy. Anyways.

  • Dan

    It has the capability to be extended through plugins, unlike Analytics. Plus I actually host the software on my own server rather than rely on a third party, which in this case is Google. Even if it had no special features, it still looks a lot nicer than Analytics, and I don’t mind paying for it, since it supports an independent developer rather than a huge corporation.