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Singing, Screaming, and Pop


I’ll start off this rant with a bold statement: Most modern pop music downright sucks. It’s all talentless garbage nowadays. Even some genres of metal and hardcore have fallen to the level of pop. Pop, or popular music, can hardly be considered real music.
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A Higher Place Reviewed

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Born of Osiris’ second album, “A Higher Place” was released on July 7, 2009, to much anticipation from the fans, myself included. In summary, it’s a superb record, and a worthy succesor to “The New Reign.”
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Microsoft releases Q4 results, profits down 29%

It seems like Microsoft’s profits fell 29%. Maybe that explains why I’ve been in such an awesome mood today. Maybe if 7 bricks, Microsoft will fall even further. :)


Mint: A Fresh Look at your Site

Just installed Mint, and it’s been bliss so far. The dashboard widgets and the iPhone app make it so much faster to check my stats than with Google Analytics. Plus, it looks a lot nicer than Analytics.

A Whole Bunch of Rants


Rather than write a separate post for each thing I’d like to rant about, I’ve decided to consolidate it all into one big hate-filled post. So here goes.

h4. Starbucks

I hate it so much for a number of reasons:

* The sizes are all confusing and dumb. Their smallest size is called a “Tall,” and their largest is a “Grande.” Why can’t they just use standard sizes like the rest of the world? They probably do it to feel smug, which is another point that I will discuss below.
* Starbucks may just be the smuggest place on earth. Whenever I step into a Starbucks, I can practically feel the smugness that pervades within it. Most of the customers there have that “I’m better than you” attitude. Since when does paying twice as much for crappy coffee entitle one to feel this way? Last time I checked, that was called being a moron.
* Now just to be fair, I have tried the coffee and hot chocolate at Starbucks. The first thing that struck me about them was the price. How can they charge so much for a tiny cup of coffee and get away with it is beyond me. Secondly, the coffee’s not that good, unless you add a million things to it, at which point it becomes a confusing frappa-mocha-crappa-java-chino. Starbucks claims that it’s coffee is all exotic and fairly traded, but I bet it’s cheap dollar-store coffee.

h4. Small Children

I’m going to be blunt about this and say that I downright hate the little bastards. They cry over everything, are loud and annoying, yet everybody seems to love them.

h4. Fat People and the Beach

I went to the beach a few days ago, and I enjoyed it a little bit. However I did not enjoy seeing mountains of fat plod around the beach. There ought to be a BMI check upon entry to the beach. Besides, fat people should be staying home and dieting, not ruining the view for everybody at the beach.

There, I let it all out. Oh and by the way, this post was written entirely on my iPod Touch, using the official WordPress app.


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I’ve made a few small changes to the design. I also added subscription options for the feed, so now it’s possible to subscribe by RSS, Atom, or Email. I also changed the entry font around a little. Upcoming posts:

* Nintendo DSi review, with pictures, specs, and more.
* A lot of ranting on various topics such as Starbucks and music.
* Reviews of several new metal albums.
* Some fun little ideas on what cigarette boxes should say.

Stick around for these and more!

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