My Friend, Failure Comes Naturally to Me

As stated in a previous update, I’ve failed two classes. Of course my parents took my computer away almost instantly, along with my iPod and guitar. Which probably explains why I’m posting at 3:45am. I can only blame myself for this, though. I was too lazy to do any work, and I got the grades I deserved. I don’t know what I was hoping for by not doing any coursework. Ah well, live and learn. Also, I’m probably going to summer school to make up those credits, which should be quite an _interesting_ experience.

h4. Other Updates

I installed Textile on the blog, and let me tell you, writing posts in it is so much faster than with the WYSIWYG editor. It’s even faster than in HTML. Hosting and domain have been renewed, so this blog isn’t going down anytime soon.

h4. New Site

I recently finished working on It’s basically one of those little address card-like microsites that are oh-so popular these days among web designers. It’s still not perfect, but the basics are there. Also, try the .org, .net, and .info TLD’s on the aforementioned domain. I bought all of them, and GoDaddy gave me a great deal for all four.

h4. Killswitch Engage II

One of my favorite bands of all time, Killswitch Engage, has released their new CD recently. Well not really… the official release date is about a week away. Anyway, it’s a great record, with some very catchy songs. Production is top-notch as always. Their sound is slightly different, but it’s still easily recognizable as Killswitch Engage. A great record, I highly recommend it to all metalcore enthusiasts.

h4. Xscope

Great piece of software by Iconfactory. It overlays several useful tools over all apps, while still allowing apps to be used at the same time. Ever needed a ruler to measure if two elements are truly level? Easy, with the ruler tool. See a really nice color? Just use the loupe tool to mouse over the desired tool and cmd+shift+c copies the color. You can even configure it to copy in different formats, such as hex, rgba, hsb, etc. Need some guides? No problem, with the guide tool. It works just like the guides in Photoshop; you drag them wherever you need them. All the different tools reside in the menubar, ready to be used at any time. Even though it’s a pretty powerful app, it takes surprisingly little CPU power, meaning I can run it in the background all the time without slowing down my computer. A free trial is available, and it costs a reasonable $26.95 for a license. Definitely a good buy for any Mac-using designer out there.

That’s all I have to write about for now… Kinda tired, off to bed now.

PS: +1 internets to the person who can name where I got the title from.

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