Panic Sale!

Edit: The sale is over. It was a very nice sale, too.

Panic, the company behind Coda and Transmit (two of the greatest Mac apps ever made) is having a 50% sale! If any Mac users here want to buy Coda or Transmit, you can get them at a bargain right now, in this one-time event. As for all you Windows users, it is a really nice-looking page, so you can just look at it. Here’s the link to the half-off goodness.

Zune HD

Microsoft has officially announced and released details/pictures of the Zune HD, which looks to be a complete iPod Touch ripoff. It’ll have an OLED touch-screen, much like that of the rumored 3rd gen iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s expected to be released in the fall. Details on it are sparse, so I’ll avoid criticizing it until I actually see it released.

Kumo Bing

In a very Microsoft-like way, Microsoft has officially renamed Live Search to Bing, rather than Kumo. While I try to be unbiased, Bing sounds like a rather idiotic name for a search engine that’ll clearly be poised to take on Google. I’ll do a full review/feature-by-feature comparison of Bang Bong Bing and Google in a few days, when Bing officially replaces Live Search.

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  • Benje

    Microsoft has always been ripping off Apple, and this one will fail greatly.

  • Eternal

    Zune HD? Looks terrible.