So Much Free Time, But So Little Posting

I’ve been slacking with the posting again, haven’t I?

I wish I could blame it on a lack of time, but other than work and school, I’ve had loads of free time. I honestly don’t know where the time goes. Back to business:

Terminator Salvation

Great movie. Not as amazing as the first three movies, but nevertheless better than most sequels these days. The visuals are gorgeous though, and very little of the movie is CGI, relying more on traditional props and illusions. The story is interesting, if not a little disjointed at the beginning. It all comes together in the middle/end, eliciting an “Oh, now I get it!” moment from the viewer. The story doesn’t end completely at the end of the film, which points to a strong possibility of another sequel.


I’m going to start focusing more on freelancing, as I’m aiming to quit my current job by the beginning of summer. This means I have to complete my portfolio, no matter what.

DZine-Studios 8.0

Upon reading this subtitle, most of you are probably thinking “not another redesign!” Well guess what, this will be more than just a simple re-skinning. I’ll be completely restructuring the blog, breaking away from the traditional blog layout with content, sidebars, etc. Also, I recognize that I simply won’t have time to make huge posts as much anymore, so I’m going to set up a Tumblr-esque system- similar to that of Simplebits, with quotes, links, and short posts to supplement full-size posts. Twitter will have a more prominent position, and I’ll be adding a feed, in addition to restoring the Flickr stream. The design itself will be simpler, but at the same time more refined. I’ll even be designing custom icons for the new theme, which is a first for me. The color scheme will remain quite similar to this one, with a light look and small amounts of green dispersed throughout the theme. Once again, I will allow you all to take a peek at the upcoming design.

I’d love to hear some feedback, either in email or in the comments.

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