Stupid Customers

I don’t really like my job that much. In fact, saying that I don’t like it would be an understatement. I hate that place. The work isn’t hard at all- a brain-dead animal could probably do a decent job. No, it’s the customers guests that come there. Their stupidity approaches a level that I never knew even existed! Here are just a few situations which prove my point:

  • The customer orders an iced coffee, which clearly has sugar and milk in it. I spend a few minutes making it, and then they point a finger at it and say “Ooohhh does that have sugar in it? I don’t want sugar!” They then call my manager and complain that I made it wrong, even though they didn’t order it correctly.
  • A customer comes in and asks for a latte without milk. Now the machine that makes the coffee doesn’t have a “no-milk” setting, so I had to hold the milk nozzle closed the whole time. After about 5 minutes of that torture, she tastes it and says that it’s too strong, and she wants it with milk.
  • A customer comes in and asks if the strawberry sundae has strawberries in it. Enough said.
  • A customer comes in and orders 6 large Big Mac meals, and gets Diet Coke with them, and he said (sic) “I’m gonna have Diet Coke with them meals, I don’t want to get all fat!”
  • A few days ago, somebody accidentally flipped Windows (ctrl + alt + up), and it took three managers close to a week to figure out how to fix that, through tech support.


I was sick this past week, so that’s my excuse for not posting anything up until now.

Swine Flu

This has been pissing me off for quite a bit lately. Everybody’s all worried about this stupid swine flu. Very few people have actually died from it, and most deaths were in third-world countries like Mexico. The regular flu kills hundreds of thousands of people a year, and yet people go crazy over a minor strain that hasn’t even killed a hundred people. I think it’s all a marketing ploy to sell more hand-sanitizer, face masks, soap, etc. I especially hate those who mention it every 5 minutes. When I try to explain to them that it’s a very minor threat they typically respond with more hysteria and/or look at me like I’m nuts.

American Idol Sucks

It’s that show that everybody’s always talking about in school. I utterly despise it for its pointlessness. It’s the same garbage every season, and the hype surrounding it is clearly unwarranted. It’s a bunch of talentless wannabe pop singers trying to sing without their precious auto-tune, and whoever manages to suck less wins the contest, rocketing on to a whole 20 minutes of fame and fortune before fading away into obscurity. I pretty much described the whole show in one sentence. I can safely write this lovely review of it, as most American Idol fans lack basic reading skills, and can’t write anything past “lmao idol wuz awsum last nite lol rotfl did u c it”

Most TV Shows Suck

TV has turned to garbage today. 90% of the shit on TV are reality shows, which utterly suck. Recently, one of the geek strongholds on TV has fallen. Sci-Fi is being renamed to Syfy, and will become just another generic channel full of garbage. They claim that it’s to reach a wider audience, but all they care about is money. The only channels that I would even consider watching are the History, Discovery, and National Geographic channels. However I’m pretty sure they’ll go mainstream in a few years as well.

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  • Eternal

    “I’m gonna have Diet Coke with them meals, I don’t want to get all fat!”

    Oh God, that’s so hilarious.
    I’d go to where you work, to laugh at the idiots there. I wouldn’t work there though, obviously. :)

  • Dan

    Yeah, it’s a pretty bad place to work. And just to see if Diet Coke was any good, I tried it today at work… nastiest shit I’ve ever tasted.

  • Alec

    Wait you’ve never tried diet coke in your 16 years of life?

  • Jouk

    If you cough at school, everybody yells “Swine Flu! RUN!” It’s a joke, but after the first few thousand coughs from random kids, it gets old.

    Good luck at work Dan, maybe you should try the prnt-screen + all icons moved to different folder trick on Desktop when you leave work? Figure that fix’ll take months.

  • Adrian – WPDONE

    I guess is really frustrating sometimes.
    @JOUK I tased a Diet Coke only once and I won’t do it again :P

  • Ben Elliott

    Wow, I feel really bad for you dude.
    Next time any customer does that, no matter what, even if it costs you your job, punch them in the face.

  • Dan

    @Alec- I’ve tried a Diet Coke before, when my dad accidentally bought a whole crate of them by accident. It was really nasty. It’s been like 5 years since then, so I thought it might have become better. Nope, it was just as nasty as I remember it was.

    @Jouk- I can’t do that. I can only do basic keyboard shortcut stuff, which surprisingly isn’t blocked. Task Manager is blocked though.

    @Ben- When I quit the job or get fired (whichever comes first), I’ll leave the place and loudly mention how I pissed in all the food.

    Oh and guys, I need your feedback on the new-er new design. Here’s the link. Comments?

  • Alec

    o. I never drink it on purpose but if someone else is and i need a sip… Dude the new-er new design looks fantastic!! That is really great looking! I do have two things that i personally would change.

    1. The white around the post and twitter box is a little to strong and view blocky. If you want the white to stay, i’d put a gradient starting where the top photo is and then transfer to white.

    2. Again with the white, When reading older posts They get lost with no separation line. The white on both sides of the older post ,makes it look a hair awkward.

    But I think 1. is more important then 2.

    That’s my input!