Wow it’s ¬†been almost a month since I sat down and made a post here. I’m not sure what to write about first, so I’ll put it all down at once, in no particular order.


I’ve been playing my guitar like mad lately, usually upwards of 2 hours a day. I’m definitely getting better, and my weekly private lessons sure do help. I also went to the city today and got my ESP autographed by Will Adler- the guitarist in Lamb of God, an awesome metal band.


Working with trans-fat-craving morons sure does take up my time. On a related note, how many managers does it take to spell “congratulations?” Four. And they still spelled it “congradulations.” See what I have to put up with at work? I swear, my IQ keeps dropping with every time I work in that moron-saturated environment.


I’m going to an awesome show tomorrow, with Protest the Hero and Misery Signals.


It’s been a while, and I actually didn’t want to post anything until the newer design is up, but I realize that it’ll take a little while to get it all finished, so I’ll make a post now and prove that I’m not dead.

WPWebHost Design Awards

I didn’t win, but I stayed pretty much in 3-4th place, which isn’t bad- considering that the two top sites were made by college graduates.

Future Posts

Now that I’ve finally gotten back to blogging, I’ll post some more posts/rants, with topics such as:

  • How much the education system sucks.
  • The idiots I have to deal with at work.
  • The decline of English.
  • Proper usage of grammar and punctuation.
  • Art and drawings.
  • The idiots who text 24/7.
  • Music and bands.

Long story short- I’m back to blogging.

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    • http://www.slantedmindz.com Alec


    • http://rustycracker.org Eternal

      Oddly enough, just before I saw this post, I was thinking about sending you an email asking if your keyboard was working or not. [:

    • http://benje.org Benje

      Hell yeah, welcome back.

    • http://slantedmindz.com Alec

      How would he answer the email if it was not?