Monthly Archives: April 2009

It’s Been Nice


Blogging has always been a joy for me, but lately I’ve been having less and less time to partake in it. These past few weeks have been weeks of soul-searching, after which I decided that web design and blogging just wasn’t my thing. I’m not sure what I want to do in life yet, but it probably won’t be web design. I write this with a heavy heart, as I have rather enjoyed designing and blogging over the years. However, writing about my life isn’t going to get me anywhere, so I’m shutting this blog down. I considered keeping it as a reminder of days gone by, but I do not wish to have my life accessible by the internet anymore. I will most likely delete my Twitter account, as well as my Facebook account, to sever my addiction to the internet, which has controlled my life these past three or so years. I will hopefully find a new path for myself, and succeed in life like I always wanted to.

It’s been real nice having you all reading and commenting my blog, but all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, I have come to this decision on a day that most consider to be a day of foolishness and trickery, but this is the cold, hard truth.

I will finish up all my remaining web design projects, and then I will sell the rest of my domain names. Anybody here interested in buying or I do not know what to do with my hosting plan, as it has been prepaid until about July. I suppose I might give it away to some friends or something like that. I bid all of thee a sad farewell, as a new chapter of my life begins.

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