Upcoming Design Update

Now that I’ve pretty much finished all my projects for other people, it’s time for the regular blog design update. Now this won’t be a full redesign, because the current overall layout is still good. The only major design updates will come to the header, nav, and footer. There will be some minor color changes, and several of the graphics will be tightened up to look their best. The newer layout will be a bit less boxy, and will have more spacing to make it feel less confined. If any of you want to see what’s coming up, go to the test directory and see for yourself. However, the test site might not always look its best due to my trial-and-error method of designing, so be warned.

If this post made no sense at all, it’s because I’m writing it at 4:22 am. Yes, I have work tomorrow… errr… today, at 8 am. Oh well, let’s just call it an experiment to see how well I cope with an 8-hour work day after almost no sleep. Bring on the caffeine!

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  • http://rustycracker.org Eternal

    Looking great Dan.

  • http://benje.org Benje

    The new look is really tight.

  • http://slantedmindz.com Alec

    I dig the nav at the top! Whens that theme coming around??

  • http://slantedmindz.com Alec

    Are you dead?

  • http://dzine-studios.com Dan

    No I’m not dead yet. I’ll finish it eventually.

  • You know who (muhahaha)

    Lazy ass motherfucker :-)

  • http://developerholic.com Developerholic

    I am always a fan of simple, clean themes. I am looking forward to see the final design :)


  • http://slantedmindz.com Alec

    Nope I’m pretty sure your dead.

  • ~Fury~

    Cmon dan, update your blog mon

  • ~Fury~

    I read this blog mostly from my photoshop class and whats great about this blog is that it runs pretty fast on one of these crappy iMacs. Dunno which one it is, has like a 10-inch screen and verticle lines going down the monitor. I dont even understand why its protected by that metal thing secured to the table, noone is going to go through the trouble of stealing it and even if somebody DID steal it, they would be doing everyone a favor. I love ranting :D

  • http://www.dannyisonfire.com DannyIsOnFire

    I like what I’m seeing so far. Only criticism would be that the two green lines look odd as different shades. Other than that, nice :)

  • http://www.slantedmindz.com Alec

    Dan, slowly set down the guitar and post!