That’s what I got on the SAT. It’s a good enough score, but I’m still going to take the SAT again in June to see if I can reach my personal goal of 2000. Now that the SAT’s are basically done with, college applications are the only thing I have to worry about, and they’re not due until around November.

Spring Break

Thursday is the first day of spring break, a time when I can mostly laze around, and maybe even get some work done.

I also made some small updates to the blog, such as removing the Flickr stream (It’s not really needed, and it adds extra loading time), and adding sticky posts. Sticky posts stay on top of all other posts, and I styled mine to be slightly different from the rest of the posts. That way, the web design contest stuff remains on the top of the page, while still allowing me to make new posts below it.

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  • NiKo

    Beat me by 10 points! LOL

    I hated SATs. I had to travel over an hour to take mine. Glad that’s over with… to think about it, it’s been 10 years since I took them. Wow…

  • http://rustycracker.org Eternal

    I hope you had fun with that.

    I can’t wait until YOUR spring break..I already had mine.