April Fools

The previous post was clearly an April Fool’s joke. A well-written, but rather unrealistic joke, though. I’d never give up blogging that easily.

Other websites pulled some pretty nice jokes as well. The guys over at Newgrounds completely reskinned the place, with the magic of CSS. Google introduced “Brain Search,” which indexes your brain to give “more accurate results.” Neowin and Youtube flipped everything upside-down.

Other Stuff

SAT results are coming soon. April 7th, to be exact. Next week I only have three days of school, followed by a week off. Not much else to write about, though.

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  • http://www.slantedmindz.com Alec

    *in song* January, February, MARCH, April, May…..

  • http://dzine-studios.com Dan

    Haha, thanks for pointing out the mistake. I wrote this post in a rush, like 5 minutes before I had to leave for work. +1 for pointing it out in a creative way.

  • http://rustycracker.org Eternal

    Good luck with the SAT’s

  • http://rustycracker.org Eternal

    Nice additions to the theme. I like the comments thing xD

  • ~*-Fury-*~(Igor)

    Damn i forgot to sign up for the SAT before March 31. Oh well, ill take it in June AND still have all of senior year to miserably fail on it.

    In other news, im writing this in my photoshop class, its been 3 days already since i finished my project and its not even close to bieng due, the teachers are too busy helping everyone.

    Also, does anyone play WoW, im bored
    get on Tanaris, my names Anonymous and lets raid