More DRM Crap

EDIT: This was just a rumor. You can still use any headphones you want. The whole authentication chip is for Apple-certified headphones, which supposedly allow extra features or something like that. Guess I shouldn’t be so quick to criticize companies based on unfounded rumors.

According to Neowin, the new iPod Shuffle (which already sucks) will have a built in DRM-feature that only allows Apple and official third-party headphones to be used with the new iPod Shuffle. Just when I thought the new iPod Shuffle couldn’t get any worse.

“You will either have to use Apple earphones, or a third-party product which incorporates an ‘Apple authentification chip’, if you want to use the new device.”

Source: Neowin

If non-licensed headphones are used, the device will still function, but there will be no volume adjustment or track control. Apple is really digging itself a grave with these moronic decisions. I would expect these from Microsoft, but never from Apple. Better stock up on those previous-generation Shuffles before they run out!

iPhone OS 3.0

The new iPhone OS 3.0 has been confirmed to have copy-and-paste, and not much else. There’s still no video recording or multitasking.

The Newer Facebook

Not too long ago after releasing a major redesign, Facebook is already making some layout changes, especially on the home page. They claim that the changes are to better organize content, but some of the changes are not really necessary. For example, some buttons are now rounded, as well as all the avatars. Facebook has always had the boxy look, why are they abandoning it? It worked for them very well, in my opinion. I swear, Facebook is only making their UI rounder to appeal to those brain-dead MySpace users. What’s next, the ability to customize layouts? I hope not.

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  • Eternal

    The earphones thing is just terrible, what has Apple done?

    IMO the Facebook is OK, I still visit at a normal rate to check messages and what’s up with my friends..

  • Octogan Sintorei

    No there’s no DRM crap, get your sources right kid, the shuffle sucks, but it has a feature that enables people to know what song they’re playing, therefore it is better than previous generations on that perspective. The shuffle is so small because it needs enough room for the speaker.

  • Dan

    What I meant was that there is a hardware lock-in on the new Shuffle. And Voiceover isn’t as important to me as affordable, good-quality headphones, which I wouldn’t be able to use with the new Shuffle. Why they couldn’t add a tiny screen to the Shuffle is beyond me. Plenty of thrid-party companies (Sandisk, Creative, etc.) have created tiny Shuffle-esque players with screens and everything.

  • Octogan Sintorei

    I think because apple is really into its style, and by adding a screen would make the product much more expensive for consumers, and they want it to be in the price range of the previous shuffle models. A screen could possibly damage the appearance they wanted to keep. They would also have to come out with a more nicer looking screen than those from Sandisk and other third party companies.