The SAT is Evil

I took the SAT today, and it was rather easy. I still hate it, as well as standardized testing in general. The only trouble I had was with the essay, I had only finished half of the first body paragraph, and the teacher yelled out “5 minutes left!” I couldn’t feel my hand after writing another 2 paragraphs in 4 minutes. The essay topic was about whether it is possible to be ethical and still be successful. I only wrote that last sentence just because they said I couldn’t. I’m dead tired from the SAT (I got up at like 6:00 am) and work from 4-10pm, so that’s all for today. I leave you all with a slightly photoshopped image:

What the logo should really be

What the logo should really be

I also fixed the .htaccess file, which was somehow missing, and caused all links on the blog to go to 404: Not Found pages. Now you all can comment once again.

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  • Eternal

    Good, I missed commenting : D

    I hope you enjoyed the SAT’s…haha

  • Dan

    They were a pain in the _____, to be honest.

  • Ralph

    The SAT…fuck…the SAT. Don’t you HATE that feeling when you’re half-way done (or so you think) and you take a glance at how many categories/questions there are left and realize you might actually miss dinner?

    Thankfully I did good enough on my first go, so I only went through it once. Poor saps that take it 3, 4 times. Jeez.

    Also, my essay (May ’08) was on whether technology is hurting or helping us. ;) LOL

  • Dan

    Yeah. And while I was writing the essay, I was already thinking of how much I hate the SAT. I wasted an entire 4+ hours of my life doing it to prove that I’m smarter than a rock. It wasn’t too hard, it’s just really annoying and by the last sections you just want to scream “FUCK YOU” to the teacher and run out yelling.