Report Card Woes

As the title says, I received my report card. Not today, but yesterday- I just forgot about it until today. It doesn’t look that bad, with mostly C’s and B’s, and even a few A’s. My average is around 88%, which is decent. Of course my parents don’t see it that way, and they started yelling at me that I’m a failure and that I’m going to Brooklyn College (which is a running joke in my family- that going to Brooklyn College is the lowest of the low). They also took away my computer, so I’ll be doing most of my coding by night until they cool off. I know my grades could be higher, but I’m just too lazy to put anything more than a minimal effort into schoolwork. Anyway, enough whining about my failure in life. Time to discuss the more important things.

Facebook’s New Layout

Facebook redid their user control panel, aka the home-page. The new layout is nice and clean, with rounded edges and Ajax all over. Knowing Facebook users, there’ll probably be like 40 Anti-New Layout groups within a week.

iPhone OS 3.0

Apple is preparing the 3rd version of the iPhone interface, with rumored features such as copy-and-paste, video recording, and multitasking. I hope Apple doesn’t charge another update fee for the iPod Touch.

IE 8

Will be released rather soon, through downloads and Windows Update. I’m hoping this quickly kills IE 6. That would be a truly awesome time, when coders and designers will be able to code everything normally and have it work for 99% of the people in the world.

Simplebits Realign

Dan Cederholm has given Simplebits a slight design update. The only downside is that the fancy fading effects on the nav only work on Safari, and not on Firefox or Opera. There’s a clever use of CSS3 throughout the site, but it still looks nice in older, CSS3-unsupported browsers.


Last Saturday I went to the local Chase bank with my dad and we opened up a new savings account for me. And while I’m still too young to have a credit card, I can now have a debit card, which is almost as good. Mine will be coming in the mail in a few days or so. I’ll finally be able to buy domains and software without having to pester my parents for their credit cards.

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  • Eternal

    That’s how my parents are, B and under = lecture time.

  • Dan

    Yeah. Mine tell me that I’m going to end up living under a bridge, with my B+ GPA…

  • Alec

    Hey ditto! Why are all parents like this?