Various Rants

There are tons of things I’d like to write about, but unfortunately they’re not important enough to warrant separate articles. So here you go, a bunch of rants and updates, all in one!

Academy Awards

The 2009 Academy Awards pretty much sucked this year. I can’t believe Slumdog Millionaire won 8 awards. It’s not even that good of a movie. I mean 2008 had a load of really good movies, so how did some film that I never even heard about win the awards? I think “The Dark Knight” should have won for best movie. At least it’s a good action movie, and not some Indian drama.

Metal Detectors?

My school is still pursuing the metal detector policy. Except it won’t be regular, it will be unannounced, on random days. Now I would be alright with this if it was for our safety, but it’s not. Rather, it’s to stop students from bringing in electronics. Specifically, to stop the socialites from texting during classes. They text, they fail, and they lower the school average. So now we all have to suffer because some people can’t go without texting every 2 minutes. Now I really don’t care about my cell phone, and I could easily do without it. What I am worried about is my iPod Touch. Music is like my morning coffee, it wakes me up and energizes me.

Mark my words, I will find a way past this system.


Think Wikipedia, but run by Christian bigots. All the articles are completely biased, and it’s actually quite funny (and sad) to read their articles.

Custom PC cases

Most of which annoy me. Why do 90% of the custom PC cases out there have blue LED lights and transparent windows on the sides? I mean isn’t the point of a custom case to look different?

Other Stuff

WPWebHost is having a contest for best WordPress blog design. There are several categories, meaning I won’t have to compete against the likes of KomodoMedia (against which I have zero chance of winning). I’m going to be trying for the “Best Clean & Minimalist” category. Meaning there will be some more minor design updates to try to clean the blog up a bit and get it in tip-top shape.

I also have a ton of work on the weekend, so most of the updates will probably be on weekdays.

Badminton at 7:10 am has been turning out okay, and I haven’t had much trouble in waking up on time.

There are about 2 weeks left until the big Bleeding Through show in the city.  Bleeding Through, As Blood Runs Black, Impending Doom, and the Acacia Strain are playing, making it a rather awesome lineup.

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  • Eternal

    I rarely listen to music on campus, so I don’t bother bringing my iPod.

    I hope you win the contest by the way, I really like the theme here. ;)

  • Dan

    Haha, thanks for the good words. I’m going to be entering either today or tomorrow, after I make a few minor changes to the layout. I don’t listen to music at school either, I just need it on the commute.