Design Update

I’ve updated the design a little bit these past few days. Improvements include:

  • SEO-friendly design. I added a whole load of h1 and h2 tags, and the page now looks organized even with CSS turned off. Take a look- go to View > Page Style > No Style (if you’re using Firefox which a majority of my readers are).
  • New title font. I got tired of Trebuchet MS for the post titles, and replaced it with Helvetica. The blog title on the top left will still remain in Trebuchet MS, as it works very well with the design.
  • For the first time in DZine-Studios history, a search box! This will allow you all to search for old posts, as well as make the site easier to navigate for new visitors.
  • Plain date stamps. The fancy green date stamps were nice and all, but I felt they were excessive, and did not really fit into the overall design.
  • Pagination added to search results and archives.
  • Google Analytics added. Now I can keep track of all the visitors that come to this place. Google Analytics is nice, but once I have the money I’ll upgrade to Mint, which looks much nicer.
  • A short “about me” statement has been added to the homepage, so that new visitors will now what this place is about. Don’t worry, it’s only on the homepage, and won’t appear anywhere else on the blog.

If any of you spot any non-IE bugs, be sure to tell me.

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  • marcel

    hey dan, what do you think ofthe new safari 4?

  • Dan

    It’s pretty good. The JS engine has improved, the UI is nicer, and there are Chrome-like tabs now. It also looks pretty good, on both Windows and mac OS X. However I still prefer Firefox because of its extensions feature.