Spelling and BMTH

First off, it gets me a bit angry to see so much misspelling on the internet. Grammar is clearly not practiced on the internet, either. People Write Like This And It’s Quite Annoying To Be Honest. Then there are those who write like “heyyyy c u tomoroww” and those who defile English by writing like “hEy Iii LIkE tO caPiTalliseeEee AnD aDd eXtraaA lEtteRsss Ttto EvEryThiinGggg.” It annoys me to no end, especially when people’s AIM screen-names are like that. Do they do that on purpose, or have their brains mutated to the point where they write like that without trying?

BMTH Sucks

BMTH (aka Bring Me The Horizon) is a terrible band from England. It may quite possibly be the worst thing to ever come out of England. Musically, they have zero talent, copying riffs from other bands and reusing the same breakdown over and over throughout an entire album. They think they’re (sic) “br00t4l” by having breakdowns approximately every 30 seconds. The drummer hasn’t a clue what he’s doing, and the bassist isn’t even audible. In short, the band consists of kids who have zero experience with their instruments. The vocalist can’t scream, growl, or yell properly. He sounds like he’s whining/crying in all of the songs. He can’t scream properly either, and the microphone does all the distortion for him. In fact, the only people who like Bring Me The Horizon are 13-year old scene kids, trying to be “hardcore.” Now I’m not even judging them based on appearance, because frankly I feel that appearances mean very little in music.


People use the term “emo” to describe many bands who don’t even fit under the emo category. It’s used as a derogatory term most of the time; for example: “(Band Name) are just a bunch of emos.” It is also used to describe males who have longer-than-average hair that covers part of the face. It is sometimes used to describe people who wear all black most of the time. All of the above definitions are completely wrong.

Emo is a musical genre, and “emo” actually stands for emotional hardcore. To the contrary of what everybody believes, emo is not crying, whining, and complaining about how “life sucks.” Emo is not a fashion trend either. It is not a lifestyle, it is a genre of music, and nothing more. Sadly, 90% of the people out there don’t understand what emo really is.

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    What do you think is so great about a mac compared to a pc?-I’m asking because it would be really awesome if you could write an article about what you believe is the greatest thing about a mac differentiating from a pc. What are the pros and cons (if any). Thanks

  • http://dzine-studios.com Dan

    I think I already wrote a pretty decent and detailed article on why I prefer Macs. Here’s the link.

  • http://rustycracker.org Eternal

    I agree with you about the Emo thing, I mean, look at My Chemical Romance!