Happy Commercial Holiday

Today is Valentine’s Day™, which is yet another holiday commercialized by the likes of Hallmark. Nothing special at alll about Valentine’s Day. These days, it’s all about who can buy the biggest, most overpriced gifts.

Vacation has started for me, but I have work on some days next week. Soon I’ll be able to afford a nice electric guitar for myself. Acoustics are no fun- you can’t make them squeal, you can’t do insane breakdowns on them, and most of the songs you can play on an acoustic sound pretty much the same.

Oh, and I finally have a gym class now, thanks to the ever-so helpful guidance counselors at my school. It only took 2 weeks. And it’s at 7:10 am, meaning I’m going to be waking up a wee bit earlier on school days. On the positive side, I have two free periods in which to loiter in the hallways and pester my former teachers.

Rap is crap

Yes it is. Most of it, anyway. First you have those idiot rappers with the dumber-than-dumb names. Flava Flav, Flo Rida, Fitty-cent, and so forth. Then you have the topic(s) that rap ever-so intelligently covers, such as: sex, sex, and maybe sex. Almost every rap song out there implies making love in one way or another, in various scenarios, cleverly summed up in the following sentence from a reader:

“Back in my day we used to listen to bling-bling mcNugget’s hit song make’n love in a dishwasher….AHHHHHHH YEEEEAAAA”

Source: Alec

The last problem with rap is the actual music in it. Although you can’t even call it that. Most of rap consists of a simple, repeating beat that goes on for the entire song. Although that’s not to say there aren’t some enjoyable rap songs, but the majority of new rap these days is garbage.

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