People Getting Dumber?

Much of America’s population is getting dumber and dumber every year. I can safely confirm this for several reasons:

  1. Test difficulty. While standardized tests tend to vary somewhat in difficulty, they’re generally getting easier and easier. Even the SAT has been dumbed down (though I’m not complaining). In NY, the Math A and Math B curricula are being phased out in favor of an easier, simplified math curriculum. Many teens are getting dumber, and the officials are easing requirements to make the numbers look satisfactory.
  2. TV. Many TV shows are getting dumber and dumber. The shows on MTV are a good example of this trend. Kid’s shows are also getting dumber and more pointless.
  3. Music is generally getting dumber. See argument in next section.
  4. The newspapers are being written in 4th grade English, with large amounts of pictures and very few words.

Music is getting worse

Music is going downhill these days as well. What most kids nowadays listen to consists of one or more of the below:

  • Artificially generated, repetitive beats
  • Talking, rapping, computer-enhanced singing, etc.
  • Pointless, repetitive, unoriginal lyrics (rap, pop)

Instrumental and/or vocal  talent is clearly not needed to be a popular musician these days. The computer does all the work these days, making even the most off-key singers sound like opera masters. The music itself is no better. Any 16-year old with a copy of FL Studio can make a hit song nowadays (not going to point any fingers). Techno these days sounds like passing a corrupted music file through a 28k internet connection. Rock is in no better shape, though. There are the obvious offenders, like Paramore and The Jonas Brothers, who play boring, uninspired riffs over and over again.

Move to DTV already!

Even though Obama wants to push back the official DTV transition date, I still think the cutoff date should be February 17, 2009, instead of sometime in June. Sweden’s already switched completely, and they did it all the way in 2007. Know why they could do that? It’s because their country isn’t full of blithering, techno-phobic idiots. Who cares if some people’s TV’s stop working? Let it be a punishment for their stupidty and ignorance.

Other Stuff

The fake, commercial holiday known as Valentine’s® Day® is on Saturday this year. It’s really a pointless holiday, in which people buy each other useless, overpriced gifts.

In other news, I’m feeling a lot better today, and I still don’t have gym class. I went to the Guidance Suite today during my free period. The secretary told me to come back after school, at 2:45pm. When I came back after school, I waited for about half an hour until 3:15pm, and then everybody got kicked out of the office, with the secretary saying “Come back tomorrow.” I hate dealing with school administration…

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  • Alec

    I could not agree more with everything! I look around everyday and ask myself why only stupid people are breeding? The challenging word of the day for my fellow peers in English class was “melancholy” which was pronounced as melen-CHO-lee. There’s always a new word each day that stumps them and i question how they get through their everyday lives with out knowing some very simple vocab. Sorry/Thanks for letting me rant.

  • Will

    I disagree with you bashing on rap being a cause of dumbness. You`re stereotyping it, more than proving your point. You`re probably picking on the wrong journal. Perhaps your local one.

    I only agree with your MTV argument. Shows like From G`s to Gent should fucking be extinct from existance.

  • Alec

    Rap is pretty annoying though. It is usually the same topic (Sex!!) with just a computer generated tempo. I’m not sure if its dumb or what not but i am pretty disappointed that my generations music is going to be rap. “Back in my day we used to listen to bling-bling mcNugget’s hit song make’n love in a dishwasher….AHHHHHHH YEEEEAAAA”

  • Will

    Classic rock was a lots about sex and drugs. No one complained about it.

  • Dan

    Well I’m sure it wasn’t all about sex and drugs, and even if it was, it wasn’t as blatantly obvious as is it is in rap.

  • Will

    Such as rap wasn`t always about sex. My point is, music is gettig bashed while the real reason for kids dumbness are the parents.

  • Miklleteresquelembertisquentalofactorisalationambertil

    i had a question about your opinion on which one you looked more cleaner and nicer, a macbook pro first gen or second gen. Tanks thanks piacere molto bene spasiba tuto bene =)

  • Dan

    In my honest opinion, the new MacBook Pro looks much better. It’s cleaner, nicer, and more durable. The older, multi-part design was prone to dings, dents, and gaps over time. The newer design is a bit heavier, but it feels very solid.

  • scar-let

    I just had to join in after reading this!!!!
    [especially partly battling rap]

    to WILL:
    what the general public hears of the rap genre is top 40 shit. they dont hear underground local rapers who have a real talent that inspire you.

    I, personally have loathed rap for years.since i was a kid.
    it is dumb. why do you think the guys from ‘the lonely island’ on youtube made a song video called ‘im on a boat?’ because it points out whats wrong about top 40 rap.
    -majority of the words are swear words since they dont have anything else to put there
    -all they do is say how great they are
    -talk about some new slang word for a crude sex act
    -name some branded item to become more popular
    and all of this talking about crap is done to a repetitive beat and maybe three notes of a stupid noise looped over and over.

    now im not bitching about all rap/hip hop..whatever
    im mainly speaking top 40>>t pain, nelly, 50 cent, chingy, snoop dog, yin yang twins, chris brown….all of those losers.

    i can appreciate stuff like for eg: linkin park where they have complex rhymes that most people would have to check out in a dictionary, AND its about real subjects that real everyday people face-AND they write their music, and its real music. if your wondering what part of linkin park im talking about, i mean songs like high voltage, step up, dedicated these are all pretty much b-sides.
    i suggest you look up the lyrics-this is how music should be!
    then compare that to any rap lyric in the top 40s.

    lol sorry to make it go on….i am just very passionate about this subject:)
    and cheers-awesome blog.

  • Dan

    Wow, big comment. I totally agree with you man. “I’m on a boat” does point out some very true points. I don’t mind long comments, especially when they present a fair argument like yours. Stick around and (shameless plug) subscribe to the RSS feed :)