DTV and Formats

First of all, I can already predict that the switch to Digital Television will be a complete disaster. Half the people in the country probably don’t know that it’s coming.

The next topic is about media formats. There are literally hundreds of them. Almost every company has, at some point, released a proprietary format. Microsoft is the worst offender here, as it still uses its own formats. WMA and WMV come to mind in particular. I say all the proprietary formats should die. There should be two formats for music- one lossy and one lossless. Same with video.

That’s all for today’s post. It’s a little bit short, as I’m not in a writing mood.

  • Relish

    Apple makes its own format (mov).

    You can run Windows Media Player on a mac. Likewise, you can run quicktime on a windows.

    Not a big deal really :P

  • CronoMan

    About the “Microsoft is the worst offender here” :

    You can read the entire Windows Media 11 SDK here

    If you can post a similar article regarding .MOV you tell me

  • Dan

    I know about .mov… Apple stopped using it that much, though. The iPod now uses widely-supported mpeg-4. And Windows Media Player for Mac is kind of dead, Relish…