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Before I start, here’s a great quote:

“The problem with America is stupidity. I’m not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don’t we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?”

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The first topic of this rant will be the whole Facebook vs. MySpace debate. Facebook is cleaner and more organized, but it’s real selling point is the lack of customization in profiles. That’s what I like the most. Call me OCD, but I like consistency in everything. MySpace is a mish-mash of poor coding, terrible colors, and blinky garbage, whereas Facebook is all clean and standard, with emphasis on the content. Now if Facebook had band pages then there would be no reason whatsoever to use MySpace.

AIM is the next point of discussion. I despise the official AIM application. Know why? Customization. People put their own annoying sounds which cut into my music listening, and they add annoying backgrounds which either render the type illegible, burn my eyes out, or both. And the fonts…. that alone is enough material for a separate rant. Why must people choose Comic Sans and/or neon colors for their font? I know most of this trash can be turned off in the AIM preferences, but there are other reasons I loathe it. The advertisements (In the Windows version, at least) are annoying, distracting, and only serve to further clutter up the already messy UI. While installing it, you have to be quite adept at computers to stop AIM from installing tons of bundled crapware. The conclusion? Use Adium, iChat, or Pidgin (if you’re unfortunate enough to be using a PC).

I still haven’t found a job… damn recession. I’ve made little improvements to the blog. For one, I’ve cleaned up and organized the CSS file. The pagination actually works now, it kind of got messed up in the move from the test directory to the root. Using WordPress conditional statements, I’ve cut down on load times by including the Flickr stream only on the homepage. WP-Cache has been installed, which will speed up the blog even more.

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