Regents and Job Hunts

Regents week begins tomorrow. For half the kids in my school it means torture, mental anguish, and suicidal thoughts. For the other half “Regents Week” translates to “Vacation.” Luckily, I don’t have any regents until June. And those are the English and American History regents, which I don’t even consider as threats.

Tomorrow, I start my job hunt. While the recession may have caused massive layoffs throughout almost every industry, cheap workers are always needed. That’s where I come in. I have no idea where to get started, though.

In browser news, Stainless will be developed as a full browser due to its popularity. It’s a Mac OS X Leopard-only browser, but it works quite like Chrome, with tab processes, Webkit, and private browsing. Once bookmarking and history are added in, it’ll become a viable browser. Another plus is Stainless’ more up-to-date Webkit engine, which gives better CSS3 performance. Maybe Google will decide to save some time and just buy out Stainless instead of porting Chrome…

Ars Technica has gotten a complete redesign as well as a complete backend overhaul. They’ve moved from a custom backend system to Movable Type. The new design is a bit darker, but it incorporates more Ajax and loads faster. What I really like is that they finally added some feedback to all the links and buttons. The previous version felt too static, with no hover effects at all.

And before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate it!

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  • ViciousDuck

    I don’t see why people think private browsing is such a big deal. It’s been around in many browsers for a while.

  • Dan

    I wasn’t making it a big deal of it. I was just mentioning it as part of Stainless’ features in comparison to Chrome.

  • Temur

    “those are the English” ? Aren’t you a junior? I took it yesterday… It was horrible…

  • Dan

    I’m a junior, but I’m taking it in June… Dunno why, though.

  • Alec

    Find a job yet?

  • Dan

    Nope. Every place I’ve asked at either has no jobs available or requires applicants to be 18 or over.