Free Week Ahead!

Thanks to NY and its pointless Regents examinations, I have next week off from school. Since the semester ends on Monday, that means there’ll be no homework for the whole week. I have no idea what I’m going to do for an entire week at home, but it’s gonna be awesome.

On the subject of politics, Obama won the right to own and use a Blackberry-esque smartphone. Here’s what it’s going to look like:

Obama's New Phone

Obama's New Phone

It’s the Humvee of smartphones, and is estimated to cost around $3000, give or take a few hundred. It’s manufactured by General Dynamics, the same company that made the F-16.

In other news, when Obama’s media team came to the White House, what they found was a bit shocking…

“The team members, who were used to working on Mac systems, found computers with very old versions of Windows installed and in fact not enough computers for use. Laptops were also assigned to only a few people.”

Source: Neowin
That’s a bit scary, to know that the White House still has computers with Windows 98… Hopefully Obama’s team will get some nice new Macs into the White House.