Standardized Testing Sucks

I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. The SAT is the example that I’ll be using in this rant. The SAT is a terribly pointless examination in my honest opinion, as it does not accurately mesasure one’s intellect. The test only covers English and Math, meaning if your skills and smarts are in another field, you don’t do very well. For example, I can make websites and I know more about computers than your IT specialist. Does that count for anything on the SAT? Of course not. You could be a brilliant artist or programmer, but if you get a less-than perfect SAT score, people and colleges will look down on you. That’s one reason why the SAT fails.

The next problem is the amount of time alloted for each section. It’s completely insane how little time you get. The sadistic people who thought up the SAT gave about 20 minutes (give or take 5 minutes depending on which section) per section. It’s simply not enough time to do anything. Now if they gave 40 minutes per section, I’m sure people would get much higher scores. I mean, where in life will you need to calculate a complex equation involving square roots in less than a minute?!

The only people who get really high scores (2000 +) on  the SAT are either people who: A) Study for 3-4 years, memorizing everything by heart or B) People who can afford those insanely expensive SAT tutors. It’s not fair for the rest of us slackers.

On a different topic, web design education is way outdated in most schools. While I’m lucky that my school doesn’t teach design with tables anymore, a lot of other schools still do. Some even go as far as teaching Micrsosoft Frontpage. Bleh. The main word in web design class is “Dreamweaver.” It’s a truly dreadful program that is entirely useless and produces horrific amounts of junk if you use the design view. Even though Adobe keeps making improvements to Dreamweaver, the quality of the generated code will never even come close to what is possible with hand-coding.

I have a whole week off from school next week, so I might just get something done. Athough I’m kind of unsure about the 3Cogs layout… at this point I’m thinking of scrapping the design altogether and  starting from scratch.

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  • Eternal

    I don’t really have to worry about SAT’s yet, not in high school :3

  • Dan

    You lucky devil…

  • Alec

    I agree with the SAT crapola! But your lucky that your school offers any computer courses at all!