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Merry Christmas, Everybody!


it’s a bit late to be saying Merry Christmas (there’s an hour and a half left of it), but better late than never. So yeah, Merry Christmas to you all, whether you celebrate it or not.

I got a pretty good haul this year: a Lowepro camera/laptop backpack, a set of Microns and Rapidographs, and a new flatiron (don’t ask).


24 ways: Make Your Mockup in Markup

They wrote about this *now*? I’ve been doing this for years. In fact, I’ve never had the patience (or the masochism) to use Photoshop for a full mockup. All my designs go straight from my Moleskine to Coda.

DZine-Studios, Now Polluting The Internet For 2 Years!


Yep, it’s been exactly two years since I’ve made that noobish test post in 2007. The design’s come a long way in my opinion, from icky overdone gradients and tables to clean code and a slightly less icky design. Oh, and Christmas is only a day away. That’s when I’ll be launching DZine-Studios 9.0, which is a completely reworked design. I’m coding it in HTML 5, with loads of good CSS3. The fact that IE doesn’t like either of the two won’t stop me- it certainly didn’t stop designers from using CSS2.1 back when it was still super-new. Let’s take a look at what the next year will bring to this oft-neglected blog of mine:

* More ranting. Nothing is safe from my keyboard.
* More geekery and Apple worship.
* More pointless “I’m sorry for not posting for _____ months” posts.

Remember how I said I was going to try to keep a posting schedule? Well that only lasted for a week or so, which is why I’m changing the schedule to a “I’ll post when I feel like it” schedule. This place will remain ad-free, as I don’t like having annoying banner ads cluttering up my design. That is, unless a fine network like Fusion Ads or The Deck offers me membership *cough*.

So here’s to another year of pointless drivel!

Snow Leopard


DSC_5224, originally uploaded by daniel.zabolotny.

Yesterday I was at the Apple Store in Chelsea and I saw the Snow Leopard box on the shelf. _”It’s been long enough,”_ I thought to myself as I picked it up. Fast-forward a couple hours, and I’ve already gotten it running on my MacBook Pro. The installation was a piece of cake, and since I waited a while, most of the initial bugs have been smoothed out by 10.6.2. I reclaimed a sizable portion of my HDD and my computer’s been running a bit quicker. The dashboard is actually usable now, whereas before it would lag and take a while to load. Overall, I’m happy with the upgrade— it was thirty dollars well spent.

2012: A Review


I recently saw 2012, and it was a rather good movie, in my opinion. Warning: there may be some spoilers in the following review.
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What I’ve Been Up To…


I’ve been slacking with the blogging because I’m working on this. It’s going to be my portfolio website, where I’ll showcase all the design work I’ve done. I’ve been needing one for a while, because it’s rather hard to get clients without a legit portfolio site. However, designing a website for yourself is infinitely harder than designing for a client- I’m never happy with my own designs, and throughout the course of this month I’ve gone through numerous designs. Now that I’ve settled on a design, I’ll need to code it up quickly, before I start hating it.

You can follow my progress on it here; I’ll try to update it often.

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