Only a Few More Days

As of this writing, there are 5 days left until Christmas. It snowed today, but then it started raining. It’s amazing how quickly snow can turn from a picturesque decoration into a nasty, slippery mess. I’m still hoping that it will snow for Christmas, as we haven’t had that in years.

In other less interesting news, I got my report card a few days ago. It consisted of mostly 80’s and 90’s, which I’m pretty happy about. Badminton has actually become quite fun now that I’ve learned to play it. My backhand techniques still need some work, but I’m getting better and better. After the Christmas vacation, I have two weeks of school, then another week off, for Regents week.

Speaking of the design of the blog, it’s been given a mini-overhaul. I’ve gotten rid of the sidebar completely. The archives have a link in the navbar, and the search bar smoothly slides in upon clicking the “search” button. I’ve relocated the Twitter feed to the bottom once again, because I felt that putting it up at the top was cluttering up the design. The real advantage to having a wider column is that I can post pictures that are much bigger. There have been typographic changes throughout, as well as some stylistic changes. This layout is actually a lot less messed up in IE than before, so that’s sort of a plus. I’ve removed the mistletoe decorations, as I felt they were too tacky and detracted from the appearance of the blog. I’m planning on adding something else to decorate for the holidays, so check around every once in a while.

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