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New Year, New Design

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The new design’s up and running smoothly. The other pages have yet to be finished… tomorrow. And so 2009 begins.
I don’t care about IE anymore, so if it works in IE, great. If it doesn’t, I really don’t care. I’m probably going to be redoing some old comics out of boredom, so they’ll be here to take up some space. Yawn, so tired now.

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to you all. I’ve barely made it with the new layout, but I made it.


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Merry Christmas to you all, once again. Hope you all got what you wanted. I got some art supplies and Moleskines, so I’m pretty satisfied. Also, it’s the one-year anniversary of this blog. About a year ago, 2 days before Christmas, I made my very first steps into the blogosphere, with a gutted default WordPress template. After 2 CMS changes, this blog is still going strong. Here’s to another year of blogging!

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to you all, whether you celebrate it or not!
The blog’s a bit of a mess right now, because I converted from Chyrp to Expression Engine. Most of my older posts have been restored, but the posts I made during Chyrp’s time have not been restored yet. I’ll get to doing that… eventually.

Only a Few More Days

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As of this writing, there are 5 days left until Christmas. It snowed today, but then it started raining. It’s amazing how quickly snow can turn from a picturesque decoration into a nasty, slippery mess. I’m still hoping that it will snow for Christmas, as we haven’t had that in years.

In other less interesting news, I got my report card a few days ago. It consisted of mostly 80’s and 90’s, which I’m pretty happy about. Badminton has actually become quite fun now that I’ve learned to play it. My backhand techniques still need some work, but I’m getting better and better. After the Christmas vacation, I have two weeks of school, then another week off, for Regents week.

Speaking of the design of the blog, it’s been given a mini-overhaul. I’ve gotten rid of the sidebar completely. The archives have a link in the navbar, and the search bar smoothly slides in upon clicking the “search” button. I’ve relocated the Twitter feed to the bottom once again, because I felt that putting it up at the top was cluttering up the design. The real advantage to having a wider column is that I can post pictures that are much bigger. There have been typographic changes throughout, as well as some stylistic changes. This layout is actually a lot less messed up in IE than before, so that’s sort of a plus. I’ve removed the mistletoe decorations, as I felt they were too tacky and detracted from the appearance of the blog. I’m planning on adding something else to decorate for the holidays, so check around every once in a while.

Small Update

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Small changes have been made to the design, such as making the nav buttons a bit different. They have nice hover effects that work (gasp!) in IE and in other browsers. An “about” blurb has been added, while the twitter feed has been revived and repositioned. The

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tags have been made pretty, thanks to the magic of CSS. 3Cogs is chuggin along nicely. Hopefully it will meet the release date.

On another note, I’ve recently been messing around with a bunch of different browsers, partially out of boredom and partially to test them. Out of all the ones I tested, 32 browsers especially stood out:


This is an even more minimalistic Chrome-based browser. I like it because it runs natively on Macs, without Crossover, and offers the same tab control system. JS performance is quite fast. It’s still in beta, but it’s stable enough to be a primary bare-bones browser. Note that there is no bookmarking nor history feature (but there is private browsing for some odd reason). All the plugins (like Flash) seem to work out of the box if you have them installed in Safari. [Mac only]
Download here →


This is another fun browser. It uses Webkit and is based off of Safari, and has some nifty new features. One of them is the “pagedock” which shows thumbnails of the pages open. If you don’t like the pagedock, you can simply turn it off and use tabs instead. It also has an “exposé” feature, where all the open web pages turn into thumbnails, just like on the Mac’s exposé. It’s also pretty fast, and I recommend it. [Mac only]
Download here →

That’s pretty much all for now.

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